New Users

If you’ve never entered your data into the AKN, then you’re a new user. To create an account, please follow this 2-step process:

looks_one Find your project name

In this first step, you’ll submit a request to a support person who will find your specific project based on your military service branch and installation name.

Use the “Find my project” button below to fill out and submit the request form, including the following information:

  1. Email: Your email address
  2. Subject: DoD Project Lookup Request
  3. Description:
    1. Your military service branch name
    2. Your installation name
  4. Leave “Project Id”, “App Code” and “Attachments” fields blank and submit the form
  5. A support person will email to you shortly with your project code, which you’ll need for step 2.

NOTE: This step can only be completed during regular business hours on the Pacific Coast, from 9am – 5pm, Monday – Friday, excluding holidays.

looks_two Create a new account

After you’ve completed step 1, a project code will be emailed to you. This is the required code to create a new user account.

Use the button below to complete and submit the new user registration form, remembering to provide your project code when prompted.