Statement of Work Language for Avian Data in DoD Contracts and Agreements

Here we provide guidance for developing statement of work (SOW) language for DoD contracts and agreements to specify DoD ownership of data and the use of the AKN by contractors and/or cooperators. There are multiple options for data collection and data entry for users with AKN training or for contractors/cooperators who do not have AKN training but will need to submit their project data in AKN-compatible formats.

The language in this document was reviewed by OSD and the military service leads and is approved for use.

How to Use this SOW Language Guidance

The SOW guidance document linked below (“DoD AKN Contract Language”) is intended to provide you with language that you can incorporate into your specific contract/agreement, as needed. Language included in the statement of work should specify standards for:

  1. DATA OWNERSHIP: data ownership and access
  2. DATA COLLECTION: selecting sampling methods and AKN Sampling Protocol Definition(s)
  3. SAMPLING LOCATIONS: providing details about sampling locations
  4. DATA ENTRY/UPLOAD: formats for uploading data

DoD AKN Guidance and DoD AKN Data Standards

Specific language pertaining to each standardized process listed above is provided in the DoD AKN Guidance document and Data Standards Templates provided for download below. These are intended to be attached to your SOW to specify to the contractor/cooperator how to utilize the AKN with your project.

Linked below is a PDF and Word Document version of the most to-date SOW/Contract Language Guidance, the DoD AKN Guidance, and DoD AKN Standard Templates for your use.

The DoD AKN Team will periodically update this document to incorporate language for new tools and applications as they are developed. Check back often to ensure you are working off the most recent version.