Mission-Sensitive Species Profile and Recommended AKN Sampling Protocols – Pinyon Jay

DoD Partners in Flight has developed a list of the bird species occurring on DoD installations that have the highest potential to impact the military mission should they become Federally listed under the Endangered Species Act, termed Mission-Sensitive Species (MSS). 

The DoD AKN Team is continually working with DoD and non-DoD subject-matter-experts to review the best-available guidance for standardized field sampling methodologies for each Mission-Sensitive Species and ensuring those methods are translated to AKN Sampling Protocols to be used in your Project.

The first MSS sampling guidance is now available on the MSS page for Pinyon Jays which describes and compares two recommended standardized field sampling methods and their associated AKN Sampling and Site Condition Protocols.

Pinyon Jay Standardized Sampling Methods

Keep an eye on the MSS page for the next species profile and standardized sampling methods.